Boeone Technology plans to cooperate with industry alliance chip developing and manufacturing partners to build our ownselves R&D team in order to investing actively in the researching of key wireless charging devices, increasing the charging efficiency of the wireless charging system, and working to the production of the later chip massively. The development of wireless charging key devices will further the localization of wireless charging chips, reduce production costs, increase charging efficiency, and enhance the development of wireless charging in global market.


Wireless charging module
In mid 2016, Boeone shifted its focus to intelligent charging service and key component R&D.. As core member of QI and Airfuel Alliance, Boeone has rich experience in transplanting wireless charging technology to a variety of smart equipments and electronic devices. Currently Boeone has become the first enterprise in China that successfully launches IOT intelligent wireless charging service platform.


As the demand of wireless charging technology grows, Boeone's engineer team dedicates to providing our customers with a full set of professional service including technology integration, module design, component purchasing and production. Our conscientious service and high-quality product have helped us win satisfaction from our customers.